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By Nic Belott | November 29, 2016

It’s warm again. Wait, it’s warm again? Well, not for long. The moon is new, and so is our opportunity, and intentions. Anniversaires: Operation Cremate Monsanto World AIDS Day Thousands Shut Down WTO Meeting   Eco-Defense Radio News Standing Rock Update: By Shelly Neuman Government agencies scramble to place the blame as news of grievous…

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"Listening to Eco-Defense Radio informs me about new issues and new things to celebrate – it’s a great sources of inspiration to stay connected, to find new people, and to understand what’s going on in the environmental movement"

Holly Payne

Organizer with GreenStar Community Projects

“Eco-Defense Radio is an actual alternative to the corporate media which ignores nature & wildlife.”

Akiva Silver

Twisted Tree Farm

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