2015-02-03 – Eco-Defense Radio News

We welcome the full moon into our week, bringing an expansive and creative time. The deep snow, covering cars and blocking roads, is a reminder that no matter what we think, we are not in control of this wild, wonderful world.
On today’s show we were joined by Ariel Gold from Jewish Voice for Peace and Committee for Justice in Palestine. We will continue a conversation we started two weeks ago here in the studio, but this time, she is joined by friend and animal rights organizer Amber Gilewski. Together they will tackle the issues around humane washing, specifically in the case of Israeli occupation of Palestine. That conversation, in the second half of today’s show.

in 1976 – Leonard Peltier was arrested in Canada along with Frank Blackhorse, a.k.a. Frank Deluca. The United States presented the Canadian court with affidavits signed by Myrtle Poor Bear who said she was Mr. Peltier’s girlfriend and allegedly saw him shoot the agents. In fact, Ms. Poor Bear had never met Mr. Peltier and was not present during the shoot-out. Soon after, Ms. Poor Bear recanted her statements and said the FBI threatened her and coerced her into signing the affidavits. That’s just one example of false witnesses, tampered evidence, and FBI set-ups which have kept Leonard Peltier falsely imprisoned for thirty-eight years. Peltier is an internationally recognized political prisoner in the United States. To read more about him and his legacy, visit http://www.freeleonard.org/case/, or check out his book, Prison Writings.

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