Interview with Energy Justice Network

On the second half of our show we are joined by Alex Lotorto.  Alex is the program coordinator with the Energy Justice Network, which is active in Pennsylvania and southern New York.  Alex is a longtime grassroots advocate working against the natural gas buildout in Pennsylvania – which has quietly grown by leaps and bounds during the years of the Obama administration.  Gas-fired plants are rapidly displacing coal and nuclear plants.  And Pennsylvania has become a sacrifice zone for fracking, gas-fired plants and thousands of miles of liquid and methane gas pipelines.

Alex is here to tell us about how this gas industry and infrastructure are threatening local communities – as well as what we can do to stop it.

What can we do?


  • Call Cuomo at 518-474-8390 and ask him to:
    • Stop the Spectra-AIM pipeline – Hudson Valley
    • Stop CPV gas power plant in Wawayanda, New York – Hudson Valley
    • Do not issue air and water permits for Northern Access Pipeline in Western NY
    • Stop NYSEG’s Dryden Pipeline in Tompkins County
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