March 8th 1908 Garment Workers Strike, International Women’s Day

Thousands of workers in the New York garment industry demonstrated and began a strike for higher wages, a shorter workday and an end to child labor. Those who organized, primarily immigrant women defied the labor leaders who believed they were unable to advocate for themselves. Their rallying cry, QUOTE “We’d rather starve quick than starve slow” UNQUOTE illustrates the dire reality. This event became the basis for International Women’s Day celebrated all over the world since 1945.


In over twenty-five countries (Not this one) March 8th is an official holiday to celebrate the social, political and economic contributions of women.


Tomorrow, Ithaca is participating in the national Day Without a Woman strike. Events all day! There will be a march at noon starting at city hall and speakers to follow at the Bernie Milton Pavilion.


Additionally, Decarcerate Tompkins County is hosting an event that begins at 5:30pm in the Wegman’s Parking lot for a peaceful yet noisey march down route 13 to the Space. The event is about QUOTE “honoring mothers, daughters and sisters impacted by the criminal injustice system and the trauma to prison pipeline.” UNQUOTE.


Join Decarcerate Tompkins County at Lot 10 for an after-party and fundraiser beginning at 9pm!



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