March 29, 1987 Veterans March and Organize for Peace

As the United States destabilized Nicaragua by funding the terrorist Contras, Veterans for Peace organized and flew to the country to show support. On March 29th 1987, they marched from Jinotega to Wilculi, interviewing hundreds of people and compiling a forty page report for the United States which was sent to over five thousand stakeholders including senators and media heads. An organizer of the march explained QUOTE “

 “Only the United States is engaged in aggression & overt
 war here… We will walk for the truth. We will walk to share
 the fate of the Nicaraguan people who must
 walk & travel this road every day for their daily livelihood.” UNQUOTE


The following year the organization sent a convoy of humanitarian aid and supplies to the region as the political situation worsened. US Customs actually detained the convoy, but VFP were successful in shipping the supplies. A VFP member introduced water quality testing practices on this trip. He spent two years working and training others in Nicaragua. This project is credited with reducing the infant mortality rate of the region. VFP is still active in Central America and sends election observers each year.


The Veterans for Peace organization was founded in 1985 by ten U.S. veterans in response to the global nuclear arms race and the U.S. military interventions in various Central American countries. The organization of over eight thousand works hard to promote alternatives to war and violence.


In March of 2006, Veterans for Peace joined with Hurricane Katrina survivors and other relief organizations for a march from Mobile Alabama to New Orleans. Originally titled the Veterans and Survivors March, it quickly took on the name of Walkin’ to New Orleans, in tribute to Fats Domino.


The marchers traveled the Gulf Coast advocating an immediate end to the war in Iraq and redirection of funds to help rebuild areas Katrina damaged not only in New Orleans, but also in Mississippi, and Alabama.


Most recently we saw the Veterans for Peace at Standing Rock. Check out some links on our web page for more information about this group and the work they do.


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