Wrapping up Four years of Eco-Defense Radio

It’s been four years, lots of learning, tons of amazing conversations with guests, and so much love and support from our audience. Thanks to everyone out there who’s listened to the show, sent us encouragement, and witnessed our growth.

Eco-Defense Radio started from scratch with the support of WRFI Community Radio. We owe so much thanks to everyone at WRFI, and other radio & media experts who mentored us; people like Maura Stephens, Jon Miller, Nicholas Hill, Felix Teitelbaum… the list goes on.

I’m also grateful for the team of awesome people who made the show possible. Longtime cohosts Shelly Neuman and Kevin Mayer. Anniversaries columnist Nic Belott. Original cohosts Friede and Andrea. Student interns, Tamar, Lisa, David, Jessie, Naomi… It’s been an honor.

All of us will continue to be involved in WRFI on some capacity. As for me, I’ll be moving on to hosting a morning program with WRFI Community Radio News, and broadcasting segments of my new podcast Alternatives in Action which is a project of Durland Alternatives Library.



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