Interviews and Field Recordings

Every week on our live broadcast we feature a guest interview or a produced radio piece. They are in order of publication. If you're looking for something that's not here, simply contact us and we'll do our best to dig out the archive.

Here's a collection we're compiling for our upcoming podcast, along with some episodes we've created in collaboration with Halt the Harm Network.

Akiva Silver on Magnetic Trees

By Ryan Clover | December 21, 2016

This past week on the show we had Akiva Silver from Twisted Tree Farm on the show. Watch Akiva’s awesome videos about Chestnuts here. and order trees from Twisted Tree Farm here.

Karen Edelstein – Mapping For the Movement

By Ryan Clover | November 28, 2016

In this episode Karen Edelstein helps us understand how maps are used as a powerful tool in protecting our communities. Maps gives us a big picture view of the land, industrial activity, and even the various people and organizations working to protect the environment. By comparing maps and data we can discover new trends, even possibilities for our work.…

Maura Stephens Returns from Standing Rock

By Ryan Clover | November 22, 2016

Today I spoke with independent journalist and humanitarian Maura Stephens. She recently returned from Standing Rock after delivering a truck load of supplies. She gathered supplies from seven counties around the Finger Lakes Region. In this interview Maura shares reflections from her trip. Here are some links related to this interview: Oceti Sakowin Camp Medical Fund for…

Stephanie Novak – Funding the Frontlines

By Ryan Clover | November 21, 2016

Stephanie Novak is a community organizer for Mountain Watershed Association (MWA) and seeks to empower community leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to engage in public participation in order to strengthen grassroots efforts from the ground up. She is the project coordinator for the Direct Support Fund which provides  small distributions of funds to…

Listen – 3:33 Minutes – Ithaca Rally in Solidarity with Standing Rock

By Ryan Clover | November 17, 2016

Yesterday evening, hundreds of people gathered on the Ithaca commons to demonstrate support with Standing rock and to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would put the entire Missouri River at risk. The event was Organized by the Cayuga Lake Water Protectors – Listen to Mauricio Medina explain the event in his words, 3 Minutes. 

Ranjana Bhandari, Holding Strong for a Liveable Arlington

By Ryan Clover | November 14, 2016

Ranjana Bhandari is a mother and economics lecture. She bought a house in Arlington Texas in 1993. It’s Texas, so it didn’t shock them when the realtor mentioned mineral rights – but hundreds of fracking wells right in their neighborhood, on school campuses, street corners, and city blocks? It was hard to believe. Most of…

Melinda Tuhus, Beyond Extreme Energy

By Ryan Clover | November 7, 2016

Melinda Tuhus has been an environmental activist for decades – but throughout the past five years has become focused on the fight to slow climate change. As a reporter she’s covered climate stories like mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia and the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. In this interview she shares her perspective on climate organizing and…

Louisa Wilcox on Grizzly Bear Advocacy

By Ryan Clover | November 1, 2016

I talked with Louisa Wilcox, author, blogger, and grizzly bear advocate. Louisa Wilcox focuses on grizzly bears, but also advocates for other imperiled species in the Northern Rockies. For over 30 years, she has led advocacy work to preserve wildlife and wild ecosystems in the American West. She has a Masters in Forest Science from Yale University,…

Sara Rasmussen and Heather Harr – Fracking and Public Health

By Ryan Clover | October 28, 2016

On this episode we’ve got two guests, Heather Harr and Sara Rasmussen – we’re talking about the impacts of fracking on public health. Heather Harr is the project director for the League of Women Voters in Pennsylvania’s Straight Scoop on Shale Drilling. She talks about the upcoming Shale and Public Health Conference, and also shares some valuable resources…

Report back from Standing Rock – Clare Grady, Anna Ritter, and Katie Church

By Ryan Clover | October 27, 2016

Clare, Anna, and Katie share their recent experience at Standing Rock – protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. As Mentioned in this episode: Request Obama honor 1851 treaty

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