Interviews and Field Recordings

Every week on our live broadcast we feature a guest interview or a produced radio piece. They are in order of publication. If you're looking for something that's not here, simply contact us and we'll do our best to dig out the archive.

Here's a collection we're compiling for our upcoming podcast, along with some episodes we've created in collaboration with Halt the Harm Network.

Gillian Graber, Protecting Our Children From Drilling

By Ryan Clover | October 7, 2016

Gillian moved into a residential suburban neighborhood to raise her children and live a peaceful life – but then she received a letter from an environmental monitoring group warning her about a proposal to frack for shale-gas in her neighborhood. If allowed, it would immediately endanger her family and community – so Gillian took action. In just a…

Lisa Graves-Marcucci, How to Challenge Industrial Permits

By Ryan Clover | September 28, 2016

Welcome to Halt the Harm Podcast, I’m Ryan Clover – today I’m talking with Lisa Graves Marcucci about challenging industry at the permitting level. If you are concerned with the growing number of fracking infrastructure projects in the U.S, I think you’re going find this episode incredibly valuable. Lisa shares two decades of experience challenging…

Robert Schooler – GMO WTF! Standing up to Corporate Influence on Education at Cornell

By Ryan Clover | September 28, 2016

Robert Schooler is a Cornell student activist concerned about Monsanto’s presence at Cornell University. He started an independent lecture series on campus regarding GMO agriculture, in response to Cornell’s GMO Debate course, in which the professors were shown to be emailing Monsanto and echoing classic Monsanto/biotech talking points. His project is named GMO WTF, and website…

Mona Hanna-Attisha on the Flint Water Crisis

By Ryan Clover | September 28, 2016

Our feature today is an interview with Mona Hanna-Attisha that Naomi Sibley produced for the show. Mona is the Director of the Pediatric Residency Program at Hurley Medical Center in Flint Michigan. She is also an assistant professor at Michigan State University. She shares her story of taking action on the Flint Water Crisis in…

Devon Jenkins and Chris Trudeau Propose a Third Option for Ithaca.

By Ryan Clover | September 28, 2016

Devon Jenkins and Christopher Trudeau join us to talk a controversial Maguire Car Dealership proposal which would transform a property next to Ithaca Community Gardens and the Farmer’s Market. They propose a third option. What’s a third option, you ask? Simple: we’re often sold false choices between two options that don’t really represent our values or vision –…

Mike Younger, Backwoods Pipeline Surveys

By Ryan Clover | September 21, 2016

When Mike Younger learned about a compressor station being built near hear farm he started to ask questions – after hiking out to visit pipelines in rural Tennessee he was spurred into action. He found places where the pipes were exposed, crossing rivers, or in dangerous flood zones. He started taking pictures, gathering data, and compiling…

Vera Scroggins

By Ryan Clover | September 15, 2016

“Welcome to Halt the Harm Podcast, I’m your host Ryan Clover. In this episode, award winning environmental activist Vera Scroggins joins us from Pennsylvania to share her perspective on fighting fossil fuel development – even though it’s sometimes uncomfortable or risky. Vera has been documenting violations of the fracking industry and leading tours to show first hand the impacts fracking is…

Alex Lotorto on Supporting Frontline Communities

By Ryan Clover | September 8, 2016

“Welcome to Halt the Harm Podcast, I’m your host Ryan Clover. In this episode Alex Lotorto joins us from Northeast Pennsylvania to talk about the value of building grassroots support networks to sustain our movement. Alex is a recipient of the Community Sentinel Awards presented by FracTracker Alliance in 2016. For anyone who cares about the future of the…

Alma Hasse Challenges Oil and Gas in Idaho

By Ryan Clover | September 8, 2016

“Welcome to Halt the Harm Podcast, I’m your host Ryan Clover. In this episode Alma Hasse joins us from Idaho to share how she became involved in organizing to protect her community from oil and gas impacts. Alma is a recipient of the Community Sentinel Awards presented by FracTracker Alliance. In this conversation Alma shares…

Halt the Harm Podcast : Welcome Episode

By Ryan Clover | September 8, 2016

“Hello and welcome to Halt the Harm Podcast, I’m your host Ryan Clover. This is the introductory issue so I’m joined by two of the core organizers from Halt the Harm Network, Dawn Arteaga and Marty Kearns. They talk about the network, and share why they are excited about this podcast collaboration. Then Sam Rubright…

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