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Goldman Environmental Prize 2017

Instead of a traditional anniversary post I would like to highlight the winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize this year. There’s a way to support each fight. Check out the links associated with each environmental activist and the website.: mark! Lopez a community organizer from East LA who, with the organization East Yard Communities for…

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This Week’s News

Today’s moon waxes gibbous – just over half full – or half empty, depending on how you look at it.  Could that be an apt metaphor for the rest of life?  Temperatures continue to fluctuate in extremes.  Trees in downtown Ithaca are budding while Cayuga inlet has frozen back up, leaving waterbirds to float far…

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Feb. 17th 1975 Activists Occupy Planned Nuclear Site, WIN!

 In 1975, hundreds of residents in Wyhl, Germany occupied the site of a nuclear power plant to halt construction. The contractor had begun building in defiance of a court order. Police responded to the protestors with dogs, water cannons and arrests. By the following week however over twenty-five thousand had joined the occupation and police…

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2014-08-26 – Eco-Defense Radio w/ Corrine Morton

News on the topic of environment and ecology, followed by guest interview with Corrine Morton––educator and animal advocate–specifically elephants. She shares her perspective of circuses and animals used for entertainment. Click here to stream audio! This week is the New Moon, a time of renewal and reflection. As the moon cycles each month, the gravitational…

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2014-06-24 – Eco-Defense Radio

This past weekend we observed the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. We expect to be joined by thunder and rain for the next few days, while the moon becomes new, reminding us to look deep within ourselves for answers.   Anniversaries: in 1869 Emma Goldman, anarchist author and rabble rouser is born.…

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2014-03-11 – Eco-Defense Radio News

Transcript (with links) from the 2014-03-04 Broadcast of Eco-Defense Radio on– Today, we be spoke with Joseph Campbell from Gas Free Seneca. We talked about tonights community forum in Watkins Glen called Seneca in the Balance. The forum focuses on the proposed Liquified Natural Gas Storage Facility in the Salt Caverns underneath Seneca Lake. The event will feature health…

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